Over 77% approve of the City's provision of services

In the late spring of 2014, the City hired a professional polling firm to survey Sausalito residents. Some of the results from the poll were:

-  Over 77% approve of the job being done by the City in providing basic services and taking care of the needs of Sausalito residents.

- 68% believe that things in Sausalito are generally headed in the right direction.

- By a margin of 2 to 1, Sausalito residents approve of the job being done in managing local tax dollars.

The City of Sausalito has become one of the most financially strong municipalities in California:

- Sausalito Bond Rating upgraded two notches to AA+ in 2013.

-  Liquid financial reserves have grown from less than 1% in 2005-6 to almost 30% of the General Fund budget in 2013-14.

The City of Sausalito has received awards for its pension reform* :

- Lowered pension costs over the past 3 years by close to $1 million.

- Reduced future growth rate of pension costs.

- Paid down millions of dollars in pension obligations occurred in the past.

- Eliminated millions of dollars in future pension liabilities by 1) Having employees pay a greater share of the employer pension contribution, 2) Creating lower pension tiers, 3) Higher retirement ages and 4) reducing eligibility for post retirement health and other benefits.

* City of Sausalito received the 2012 "Moving Forward Award" from the California Public Employers Labor Relations Association